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What is a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is a complex task involving precise measurements and adjustments so that the wheels on your car are parallel to each other and perfectly aligned with the road surface.


Why do my wheels need to be aligned?

It's simple really - if one wheel is facing left while the other three are facing straight ahead this is going to create ‘pull' from that wheel resulting in uneven tyre wear, and can affect your suspension, steering and the safety of your vehicle. Misaligned tyres can affect your ability to steer your vehicle - and this can range from a little bit of ‘pull' right through to the most extreme cases of having difficulty controlling your car altogether. Having trouble steering is not the best idea when you're cruising in your car down a country road or zipping round city corners, but is especially dangerous in emergency situations like sudden breaking or trying to avoid an accident or obstruction in the road.


Why don't tyres stay aligned?

There are a lot of things that affect your cars wheel alignment. Wear and tear, rough driving, hitting the curb, potholes, and speed bumps are just some of the thing that can affect your cars wheel alignment.


What are the symptoms of needing a wheel alignment?

If your tyres are out of balance you can notice signs like your car pulling to one side, or side to side, your steering wheel might seem ‘off-balance' or your tyres are wearing down unevenly on the edges. Generally the decline of your wheel alignment happens gradually and so you don't notice the change in the way your car drives -  but you will certainly notice the sudden improvement once your tyres are properly aligned.


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